The end of imagined sons

I found him. I found my son, and he's not like anyone I conceived of in Imagined Sons. He's a smart, playful translator in Japan, and I'm delighted to be getting to know him. #ImaginedSons #SerenBooks #adoption #birthmother

Em Strang's Bird-Woman (Shearsman, 2016)

Here are some of my favourite passages from this impressive debut collection by Scottish poet Em Strang: The sunlight is squeezing her, squeezing the field-grass until her blue dress is a distant boat and the field is the sea.... from "Bird-Woman" ...more night on the fields than she's seen before, the mountains hovering like hawks. * It's dawn when I find her, grief-stiff, the rooks lifting and re-settling, lifting and re-settling, the sun beginning to burn. from "Wolf" ...grey seals who slide from air to water as though the sea were an open door. end of "Getting Ready to Dance" You swing the bucket like the hand of a friend. from "Riparian Zone" It was a long winter and the rain came and n

The Felix Dennis Prize for Best First Collection 2016 Shortlist: The Full Review

This summer The Guardian commissioned me to compose a review of the five books comprising the shortlist for the Felix Dennis Prize for Best First Collection, one of the three Forward Prizes, at approximately 900 words. In the end, on account of space, the review was edited down to under 500 words; that condensed review appears here. For the full-length review, read on! The Felix Dennis Prize for Best First Collection 2016 Shortlist The annual Forward Prizes in poetry celebrate the judges’ choice of best single poem, first book, and overall book and this year showcase a strong range of poets. The Felix Dennis Prize for Best First Collection provides an interesting introduction to emerging Bri

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