Richard Georges' Make Us All Islands (Shearsman, 2017)

I'm happy to say that this impressive debut has been shortlisted for the Forward Prize for best first collection. Here are some favourite passages: This patch of sun-seasoned blue opens up to him.... from 'The Fisherman Measures Life' The broken drum of thunder beats beats the air in time, drowning the voice of water, bird, and beast. from 'Prosper's Storm' The machete is shadow & it bite the coconut just so. from 'Cutter Song' Black smokes traces the horizon with a finger while the old boat's engines cough and spit between waves. The dockers' shouts crack in the ear like buckshot. * Not even the hands on the captain's wheel are brown when the sea can segregate, make us all islands. Then the

Scar reviewed in Poetry London and on Santa Fe public radio

I'm surprised and delighted my chapbook, Scar, which came out a year ago this month, is still going strong, with a new review in Poetry London and excerpts included in Lauren Camp's radio show, 'Audio Saucepan,' on Santa Fe public radio station KSFR. As Lucy Mercer writes in PL, 'Scar is not, however, burdened with an overt reverence for nature at the expense of the everyday, it is, rather, an imaginative document of how global warming will feel, how are human experiences are inextricably bound to a landscape coming loose from its normal tetherings in time.' It is so gratifying to have such considered attention to my work. #LucyMercer #PoetryLondon #KSFR #LaurenCamp #chapbook #Scar #Shearsma


My partner of seven years, Trevor Lillistone, and I married at the Bath Register Office on Saturday, 10 June. It was followed by a perfect reception with moreish food at The White Hart. If you'd like to see some of Trev's pottery, check out his website here. (Photo by Pey Pey Oh.) #TrevorLillistone #wedding #pottery

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