Scar warmly reviewed again!

I'm sure I've never had a chapbook as widely reviewed as Scar, and as I think/hope it's my best work to date, I'm dearly heartened by it. The latest review comes from fellow American expatriate Mike Ferguson on his mikenandenglish blog here. Here's a passage that especially pleased me: 'There is an emotive crescendo as the poems and their recalled/imagined stories continue, and it is genuinely sensitive, that seemingly simple arrangement of lines with their paces and pauses and projections avoiding the melodrama of a more blatant poetic diatribe but instead more disturbing in the building outlining of the whole.' #Scar #review #Shearsman #MikeFerguson #mikeandenglish #climatechange

The Beauty of the Husband by Anne Carson (Cape, 2001)

My Anne Carson reading group here in Bath continues, and The Beauty of the Husband is next up, so here are some of my favourite passages. As the titles of the individual sections can be quite long, I'll just identify the poem-section in which the passage appears. I broke the glass and jumped. Now of course you know that isn't the true story, what broke wasn't glass, what fell to earth wasn't body. But still when I recall the conversation it's what I see--me a fighter pilot bailing out over the channel. Me as kill. * To stay human is to break a limitation. Like it if you can. Like it if you dare. from 'III' Demeter's victory over Hades does not consist in her daughter's arrival from down belo

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