Michelle Boisseau's Among the Gorgons (U of Tampa, 2016)

Favourite passages from Michelle's last book following her death from cancer last year: Beneath a spread of stars we found ourselves side by side, two fluences shading into each other while a score of fingers scored the delta's tranquil riot. end of 'Some Years in the History of Love Poetry' So let's walk the ruins, let's walk along the ocean and listen to death's undying devotion. last stanza of 'Death Gets into the Suburbs' The pleasure of knowing oneself is knowing one's plenty. end of 'Hubbubbing' While you drag your noise over us, we're living our farfetched lives, driving on wipsy roads to miniscule jobs as we furtively tuck things under roofs and talk in glitters. opening stanza of 'F

Paul Celan: 70 Poems (trans. Michael Hamburger) (Persea, 2013), second selection

at times when only the void stood between us we got all the way to each other. end of 'So many constellations' A nothing we were, are, shall remain, flowering: from 'Psalm' As one speaks to stone, like you, from the chasm, from a home become a sister to me, hurled towards me, you, you that long ago, you in the nothingness of a night, you in the multi-night en- countered, you multi-you--: opening stanza of 'Radix, Matrix' A tree- high thought tunes in to light's pitch; there are still songs to be sung on the other side of mankind. from 'Thread suns' Light was. Salvation. last line of 'Once' Think of it: the bog soldier of Massada teaches himself home, most inextinguishably, against every barb

Paul Celan: 70 Poems (trans. Michael Hamburger) (Persea, 2013), first selection

It seemed time to return to Paul Celan's work, and I couldn't find my previous edition of his poems, so I purchased this one, as it was also translated by the late Michael Hamburger. The monks with hairy fingers opened the book: September. Now Jason pelts with snow the newly sprouting grain. opening lines of 'Tallow Lamp' Your hair too hovers above the sea with the golden juniper. opening line of 'Your Hair Above the Sea' We went shopping for hearts at the flower girl's booth: they were blue and they opened up in the water. from 'Memory of France' He's the one who has what I said. He carries it under his arm like a bundle. He carries it as the clock carries its worst hour. from 'Chanson of a

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