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Beyond the Sea by Elsa Cross (trans. Anamaría Crowe Serrano, Shearsman Books, 2016), second selectio

More fine passages from this splendid collection:

...the sound of the first cicada

now fitfully cutting

the silence of dawn.

Words wanted

beyond what they are--


Day returns us to a measured balance,

to limits--

until the cicadas

strike up:

a deranged scream,

a voracious incision

over the moment.


Suddenly still,

the tongue savours its slow monosyllable,

its restrained flames.


The waves are now only inebriation,

shouts that become quicklight.

from 'Cicadas'

Fibres of your voice



from 'Invocation'

They crash against a cliff--

and their clear rhymes leap

onto the rocks.

from 'Oceanides: Daughters of the Sea'

A necklace for Kore.

The moon shines

on your sleepless breasts.

from 'Offerings'

They are an eye rising from the deep

a wish slipping from our hands

a stone against the mirror

they are the tip of the arrow

that will kill us

from 'Nictides: Daughters of the Night'

[Morning] glitters like the distant rowboats

under the merest care

of the sun

from 'Songs of the Aegean'

In the UK, you can buy Beyond the Sea directly from the publisher here.

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