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Edited Books

Linda Lamus was first my friend, a fellow poet in the Bath-Bristol area similarly passionate about poetry, and later my student on the MA in Creative Writing at Bath Spa University. In February of that academic year, Linda was diagnosed with cancer, and when I visited her in hospital, she had tears in her eyes when she spoke of how much she wanted "the book"--a book of her poetry, after all her years of dedication to it. Linda died in December that same year, and this is that book, edited from Linda's computer files and copious drafts. 

"A dearth of experimental women writers in the UK? Here is proof to the contrary: 25 articulate voices explore 'other' poetries. This is where the energy is. Get with it."


Rosmarie Waldrop


"In the year that Rae Armantrout won the Pulitzer prize for poetry, it was good to see the thinking Briton's woman poet represented by Carrie Etter's rich and intelligent anthology, Infinite Difference: Other Poetries by UK Women Poets."


Jeremy Noel-Tod, The Times Literary Supplement


"Carrie Etter has performed a service for the wider readership of poetry in bringing together these distinctive voices."


Tim Dooley, Poetry London


"This is an important anthology of often dizzingly innovative writing, going from the relatively straightforward poetry of Claire Crowther to the stranger shores of Caroline Bergvall's more conceptual verse....[T]his is a brave attempt to represent poetries that are often excluded from the usual conversations about the art form....New approaches to landscape, to the personal lyric, to the political, abound in this challenging and fascinating anthology."


Steven Waling, The North

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