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National Poetry Month and NaPoWriMo

As spring break falls entirely within April this year, I thought I would try writing a poem a day for National Poetry Month (in the US, anyway) and gathering others to do it with me. It's entirely an honour system, and I recommend tailoring the challenge to one's own needs: if you prefer to write two poems one day and none the next, or to write a section of a long poem you're working on, etc., that's just as worthy. I'll post on my progress at various points and welcome your responses, news of your own progress, etc. So here's my gang, resident in the UK unless otherwise noted:

1. Lucy Maxwell Scott, Devizes

2. Isabel Palmer, Swindon

3. Elinor Brooks, Swindon

4. Rachael Clyne, Glastonbury

5. Stephen Daniels, Swindon

6. Pey Colborne, Bath

7. Janice Booth, Swindon

8. Hazel Hammond, Bristol

9. Ken Evans, Manchester

10. Jack Tinmouth, Southampton

11. Emma Lee, Leicester

12. Diane Mulholland, London

13. Catherine Edmunds, Bishop Auckland

14. Ann Matthews, Aberystwyth/Muggleswick

15. Hilary Robinson, Saddleworth

16. Dru Marland, Kennet and Avon Canal

17. Anna-May Laugher, Swindon

18. Penny Sharman, Mossley

19. Susan De Sola Rodstein, Amsterdam, Netherlands

20. John Mills, Stoke on Trent

21. Sarah Watkinson, Woodstock

22. Lawrence Toms, Cardiff

23. Wendy Pratt, Filey

24. Kate Noakes, London/Paris

25. Fawzia Murdali Kane, London

26. Rachel Davies, Saddleworth

27. Matt Erik Katch, Takamatsu, Japan

28. Catherine Ayres, Alnwick

29. Catherine Wood, Carlisle

30. Lucia Sellars, Swindon

31. Miranda Barnes, Peasedown St. John

32. Lily Kerfoot, Exeter

33. Maria Apichella, Bury St. Edmunds

34. Jo Waterworth, Glastonbury

35. Robert Lee Kendrick, Clemson, South Carolina

36. Ruth Stacey, Worcester

37. Hannah Linden, near Totnes

38. Zoë Sîobhan Howarth-Lowe, Dukinfield

39. Maisie Frances, London

40. Julia Webb, Norwich

41. Liz Mills, Stoke on Trent

42. Eliza Burmistre, Bath

43. Ilse Pedler, Saffron Walden

44. Tee Francis, Bridport

45. Dawn Gorman, near Frome

46. Rehan Qayoom, London

47. Kristina Close, Hindhead

48. Aisling Tempany, Cardiff

49. Joanna Nissel, Bath

50. Chlöe Mayo, Northampton

51. Maria Taylor, Loughborough

52. Cynthia Carpenter, Dundas, Ontario, Canada

53. Pippa Little, Newcastle upon Tyne

54. John Foggin, near Wakefield

55. Lily Dunn, London

56. Nina Lewis, Worcestershire

57. Bill Morgan, Normal, Illinois

58. Frank Dullaghan, Dubai, U.A.E.

59. Mat Riches, Beckenham

60. Barbara Farley, Budleigh Salterton

61. Neil Richards, Worcester

62. Katherine Lockton, London

63. Aaron Lembo, Manchester

64. Simon Williams, near Buckfastleigh, Devon

65. Lucy Waller, Bath

66. Angela Topping, Cheshire

67. Carole Heidi Holland, North Shropshire

68. Celia Jenkins, Japan

69. Pam Thompson, Leicester

70. Hattie Parker, Trowbridge

71. Susan Utting, Wokingham

72. Myriam San Marco, Bournemouth

73. Aimée Coates, Bath

74. James Autio, Minneapolis, Minnesota

75. Rosie Jackson, Trudoxhill, Frome

76. Graham Burchell, Rattery

77. Fay Roberts, Cambridge

78. Laura McKee, Bexleyheath, Kent

79. Tanja Scharling, Odense, Denmark

80. Barbara Marsh, London

81. Dawn Lee, Nairobi, Kenya

82. Matt Bryden, Monksilver

83. Caitlin Maeve Gillespie, Wallingford, Oxfordshire

84. Susie Campbell, Stoke, Guildford

85. Shirley Wright, Bristol

86. Violet Dahl, Bath

87. Kristian S. Hæggernes, Bergen, Norway

88. Grey Nicholls, Tameside

89. Modal Roberts, Manchester

90. Clare Whittaker, Edinburgh

91. Gary Raymond, Newport, Wales

92. Dawn Trook, Merced, California

93. Angela Carr, Dublin

94. Robert Harper, Shropshire

95. Jenny Hope, Worcestershire

96. Cathy Bryant, Disley

97. Sam Loveless, Swindon

98. John Soanes, Taunton

99. Lovz Klose, Odense, Denmark

100. Dave Sealey, Yeovil

101. Catherine Jones, Stroud

102. Maggie Harris, West Wales

103. Sharon Larkin, Cheltenham

104. Angela Cleland, Egham

105. Janice Dempsey, Guildford

106. Angelina Oberdan, Charlotte, North Carolina

107. Jacqui Rowe, Birmingham

108. Helen Bowell, Colmar, France

109. Tim Dooley, Harrow

110. Sarah L. Dixon, Manchester

111. Bo Staffs, Moorlands

112. Donall Dempsey, Guildford

113. Cathleen Allyn Conway, London

114. Lulu Agate, Cambridge

115. Sara Viuf, Odense, Denmark

116. Sue Holland, North Shropshire

117. Jayne Stanton, Leicester

118. Martin Zarrop, Altrincham

119. Angela Readman, Newcastle

120. Maggie Mackay, Fife

121. Maria Jastrzebska, Brighton

122. Finola Scott, Glasgow

123. Angi Holden, Cheshire

124. Bethany Rivers, Shrewsbury

125. Levi Isaacs, Bath

126. Diane Cockburn, Durham

127. Keith Lander, Mossley

If you'd like to join us, please send me a message here, on Facebook, or on Twitter by the end of March and include your location. If you are on Facebook, I've created a closed group for mutual support, prompt sharing, etc. Regardless, I'll be posting regular updates on my progress here and asking others to share their experiences with the challenge, too.

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